A Czech Folk & Ska & Punk rock band from the town of Slaný was founded in 1999 as a side project of a singer and bass guitar player Sváťa Šváb from a famous punk rock band Totální nasazení. Deratizéři emerged from what was originally intended to be solely an accompanying group for recoding Sváťa’s solo album. The band recorded five albums, played at hundreds of concerts and since 2010 it has been playing with almost the same group of people, including two beautiful female singers. The band becomes more and more popular every year. In 2011, Deratizéři released a very successful album “Folk’s not dead”, made two music videos, and during the “Folk’s not dead” tour, they performed the highest number of concerts in the history of the band - only to make an increase the year to follow with their new album „Výběrofka“. The band then made two more music videos, perfomed at various clubs and festivals, and in the fall of 2014, celebrated its 15th anniversary in a sold out theatre. Next year, it plans to release a DVD (a recording from the theatre celebrations) as well as a brand new album.

Sváťa – electric guitar, vocal
Martina – vocal, saxophone, flute
Zuzana - vocal, tambourine
RaCeK - acoustic guitar, ukulele, vocal
Knack - bass, vocal
Franky - drums



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The drummer’s minuet
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2000 - The Legend from Slaný (Swabian records)
2001 - In the trap... (Swabian records)
2005 - The Stray (Cecek records)
2008 - The Legend, Murders and Vices from Slaný (Swabian records)
2009 - Bestie Off 1999 - 2009 (Swabian records)
2011 - Folk's not dead (Swabian records)
2012 - Best of (Swabian records)